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    ShadowTech Poems

    July 17, 2012 by ShadowRezza

    The ways that we get poems is that some of our members have visions. Or it just come to us in our head.

    Though don't mean to. But we do like like it. So we don't send it away. But we play with it instead.

    You see cuz a poem is like a little creature. So light it can fly away. Not just any colour. But a deep blood red.

    Soaring through the sky. A Poems is a friend. And we have many.

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  • ShadowRezza


    July 15, 2012 by ShadowRezza

    You know you can use the power of your bond with you creature in this world. I recently have learned to. It is actuslly surprising. I mean its not imagined you can actually FEEL the energy...

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  • ShadowRezza

    Ok you are probably all wondering why i made this wiki. Well i thought that i needed a website where people could contribute and use their imagination to create ideas. This could be like inventions or creatures etc. But it is also for people to have fun XD

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